Our Company

   Founded in 1989, RİNO still continues its production with 80 workers in its modern 3000 m2 factory in Istanbul İkitelliIndustrial Zone. Our company has high production technology and capacity. It is exporting the high quality products since 2002. RiNO, which has an annual production capacity of 1.200.000 belts, produces sports, classic and unisex belts as well as many leather accessories suitable formen's and women's fashion trends. RINO also has its own brand, which is one of the preferred brands at the moment.It is currently on sale in Turkey andEurope. RINOmakes its investments on R&D, innovation, new technologies and marketing in order to meet its customers at the right place, at the right time and with the right product. It successfully represents its sector in domestic and in international fairs. Rino imports the high quality raw materials from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, India and some Far East countries and exports to many countries such as America, Israel, Netherlands, Japan, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan…

Our Mission

  Being aware of the changing needs of our customers, with our flexible structure, pioneering and creative solutions, we design and present quality products that add value to our customers' lives and make them different. Our aim is to meet all kinds of customer demands, be reliable and continuous, do not compromise on quality, closely follow the developing technology, attach great importance to honesty and after-sales service, plan time well and prioritize quality as a leading international organization in the sector as a leading international organization in the sector. to contribute to sustainable development. Our company is regularly audited in accordance with the Legislation of the Occupational Health and Safety Law. Content Analyses are carried out regularly to ensure that our products do not pose any problems for human and environmental health.

Our Vision

  • To become a worldwide known brand by strengthening our position all over the world.
  • To adopt the sustainable quality approach.
  • Continuous improvement of our services by following the changing technology closely.
  • Providing customer loyalty as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Acting with a modern management approach. Respecting the environment, nature and society Owning the values.
  • Being a family with its customers, suppliers and employees.

Production Capacity

RINO producesannually 1.200.000 belts with its advancedtechnological machines.
Besides the main products, sports, classic, knitting and unisex belts, it produces also many leather accessories suitable for fashion trends.


Rino always has the capacity to produce high quality products for men and women. In addition to all kinds of belts, It produces also many leather accessories suitable for fashion trends.


Rino is a company audited and approved by INDITEX Our company produces for well-known brands in many countries of Europe, America and Asia. It produces all kinds of women's and men's belts from premium brands to price-oriented brands.

In addition to all belt products, we also produce many types of accessories made of leather. Some of them are: watchbands, wallets, key rings.


We create a very special value by combining the unique durability of leather with design and quality.
With our 32-year experienced staff, we offer our    customers high quality and aesthetic products with an innovative and contemporary approach.


Due to the continuous increase in competition, we increase our R&D investments and constantly follow new technologies.

Social Responsibility

  • We attach great importance to social and gender equality in our company.
  • We support women to participate more in business life.
  • We contribute to the education of children in Soma through the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV).
  • We help martyrs and veterans through some aid institutions. We contribute to the education of autistic children.
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